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Here are some comments on some anime I've watched recently.

1. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This is the most ridiculous, out-of-ordinary yet the most unique, creative and entertaining show that I have seen in a while. This show is a mixture between cartoon and anime visual elements, a chock full of either interesting or disgusting sex jokes and toilet jokes, yet can be very awesome with the parodies and the characters' interactions and actions.

The main characters are also some of the craziest people that you could ever encounter. There we have Panty, a crazy bitch whose head is only full of sex and men. There we have Stocking, an emo gothic lolita whose interests are only sweets and goth. They live together in a church with the homosexual priest Garterbelt and an airhead dog called Chuck who always gets beaten by anyone. Whenever there are crimes caused by the Ghosts in the Daten City, the two girls turned into Angels who turn their underwear into weapons to fight crimes and earn Heaven Coins for each Ghost they have killed in order to go back to Heaven. Crazy enough? Things didn't just stop being ridiculous from there though...

Actually some first few episodes did turn me off because of those sex jokes and toilet jokes, but things got better ever since episode 6 with the introduction of the two Demon sisters, and the jokes and parodies got much better as well. The animation is fluid, and the music is *AWESOME*. Waiting for the OST of this anime.

2. Kuragehime (The Jellyfish Princess)

A comedy, drama, slice-of-slice show about fujoshi and crossdresser. At first I couldn't imagine it could be this entertaining. I love Kuranosuke all the way with his crossdressing and his desire to help the fujoshi sisters get out of their in-denial lifestyle. As a slice-of-slice show, I don't know what to say much about it, but it's nice to see a show about weird people in a lively and dramatic view. I may pick up the manga when this show ends.

3. Bakuman

Bakuman is about two guys name Mashiro and Takagi who cooperate with each other to draw manga. They have an objective: getting an anime from one of their manga so that Mashiro would fulfill the promise with the girl he loves that is to get married with her when both of their dreams come true. The romance in this series could be lame and unnatural at times (really, Ohba Tsugumi imo is not good at romance, see Death Note and this series), but things about manga making and the relationship between mangaka and editors are really interesting.

I've been reading Bakuman manga, and as far as I've seen the anime is adapted truly to the content of the manga. However, the pace of the show seems to be a bit slow. If the anime continues as this way, with just 25 episodes, the show may stop at where Mashiro and Takagi have their manga serialized for the first time, then we may get a second season.

4. Prince of Tennis (anime)

First to say, I disliked the manga when I first read it. The plot did not capture me at all, the comedy didn't make me smile one bit, the only thing that made me marathon the manga is the tension that Konomi-sensei created in it. The characters? I didn't mind manga!Ryoma but he got on my nerves at times. I liked Tezuka, I liked Kintarou but I didn't really like Fuji, and I didn't care about other characters. Until I have seen the anime lately and my opinion about PoT has changed. The show is really fun and it differs a lot from the manga. I actually fell in love with anime!Ryoma, who still keeps his cocky and bratty attitude from the manga but shows more emotions than just that. In the anime he is much more snarky yet concerned about others. Tvtropes doesn't just label anime!Ryoma as a Kuudere for nothing. The other characters are also more fleshed out and the relationships between them are better portrayed and emphasized than the manga, which gave me room to grow my love towards them. I love everyone in the show, even Fuji, even Atobe, even Sanada and even Yukimura, who I used to dislike here and there in the manga. The fillers and chibi episodes were so damn funny and full of gay hints that actually made me die of laughing and fangirling. The plot could be dragged in the middle and repetitive along the way, but the anime characters are more than make up for it. I actually like the anime original characters, especially Kevin.

I have fun with the fandom too, where people can ship anyone with anyone and there are many wonderful fanfics on livejournal. In terms of pairings, I find myself being obsessed with TezuRyo and SanaYuki, accepting Oishi/Eiji, Inui/Kaidoh, Momo/Ann, Shishido/Ohtori, Akutsu/Dan, Yuuji/Koharu, Atobe/Kabaji, some bits of TezuFuji, Fujicest, Fuji/Kawamura, Fuji/Tachibana (I'm talking about anime canon, not manga canon, where I didn't ship anything at all).

That's all the stuff that I've recently dug in. I might check out Shiki and Pandora Hearts when I'm free of studies and exams.
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