Date: 2011-01-21 02:41 am (UTC)
Yup, Juudai sure is one of the main characters who have the most impressive character development I have seen. The lack of transition between S3 and S4 kind of bugs me so maybe I felt it that way... And although I enjoyed seeing Juudai grown up, I was dying to see Johan's backstory even more. I was so looking forward to it and at the end I got nothing, meh...

Kinoko Nasu, the author of Type-Moon visual novels, usually includes one female character who, despite their cheerful and meek personality, actually underwent extreme angst and drama despite in each of his work (Asagami Fujino from Kara no Kyoukai, Kohaku from Tsukihime, Matou Sakura from F/SN) and, according to a hardcore Type-Moon fan I know, they are his favorite type of character. Well, Sakura's backstory may seem to be a bit too overdramatic, but it connects to other events, characters and the previous Holy Grail War. Sakura was like a passerby in the other two routes despite some of her mysterious behaviors, so when she's got the development she needed in HF, I really appreciated it. In the near future, Fate/Zero light novel will get a TV-series anime adaptation, so we can finally get to see some of Sakura and Rin's childhood incidents clearer.

The thing that bugs me a lot in Gakuen Alice is how awfully young the main characters are. If they were in middle school, it may make us feel less scary -_-...
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